What is Beach Casual?

When you’re at the beach you want to be comfortable and relaxed, but still look stylish. Beach casual is the perfect look for that!

When did pants become popular?

Women can wear a breezy maxi dress or sundress. A dress that is a bit long (not super-short) looks great with wedge sandals and a cute straw hat. You could also add a light denim jacket or wrap. For men, a light sports coat or unique blazer is a good option. Shoes should be closed-toe, but not heels as they won’t be practical on the sand.

What is beach casual Some beach weddings have a dress code that is called “beach formal.” This means that tuxedos and dark suits are unnecessary, but dresses and skirts (and jumpsuits) are still appropriate. If you’re planning a beach wedding, check the dress code on their website so you can plan accordingly.

The outfits you choose can have a lot of colors and patterns, but should all be very easy to move in. Avoid anything too tight or structured as it can restrict your movement and make you feel uncomfortable. Unless they’re listed as “no beach wear” on their website, most beaches allow t-shirts and shorts for guests, so you can go with this option if you want to feel comfortable. Just remember to bring some sunscreen as the sun can be quite strong at the beach. And a good hairstyle that will protect your skin from the breeze is important too. If the weather is windy, you may want to bring a small umbrella to keep from getting blown around.