Running Track Resurfacing Near Me

running track resurfacing near me

Running track resurfacing near me is often an essential part of sports facility maintenance. Whether the track supports the training of an elite team of national-level athletes or is used for casual recreation, high-quality track surfaces are important to athletic performance and safety.Go here:

The most common type of running track surface is a sprayed structural spray polyurethane. This type of running track offers a resilient surface that encourages athletic achievement. In addition, this type of track system is highly permeable, which makes it a great choice for addressing water drainage issues that can degrade the track surface over time.

Exploring the Latest Trends in Track Resurfacing Technology

When a small area of a running track is damaged, your in-house track maintenance crew can use a rubber track repair kit to patch up the problem. These running track repair kits typically consist of a mixture of rubber granules and a polyurethane adhesive.

If the damage to a running track has reached all the way down to the asphalt layer, then resurfacing is often required. This type of resurfacing includes stripping off the rubber track surface and paving it with a new latex or polyurethane resurfacing. This is a large project and can take weeks to complete.

In addition to resurfacing, track renovations are also a good opportunity to boost the image of your facility by changing the color of your running track. Many schools and other sports facilities take advantage of this option to match their brand or school colors. If this is something your facility might be interested in, ask us about it when you get a quote for track resurfacing or reconstruction.