Breathwork Training

Breath Masters Training enables individuals to overcome emotional distress, improve sleep and concentration, increase physical stamina and energy, manage stress and anxiety, and more. The breathing techniques and practices are simple but offer profound health benefits. Breathwork is also popular among artists who use it to clear their minds and facilitate creativity, allowing ideas to flow and manifest.

While breathwork is not a replacement for medical care or therapy, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with ourselves and others. It can help us gain a broader perspective on our lives and the obstacles that block our paths to success, access deep self-compassion, weed out destructive negative core beliefs, and more. In addition, when paired with trauma-sensitive facilitation, breathwork can be an effective tool to help clients heal from past experiences and move forward.

Exploring Different Types of Breathwork: Which One is Right for You

There are many different breathwork training programs that offer various levels of certification and philosophies. It is important to research the instructors and what they believe in before committing to any program. The majority of the course time will be spent with the instructor, so it is important to find a program that matches your own beliefs and values.

The AtmaBreath Teacher Training course in Dilijan, Armenia offers a holistic experience that expertly combines ancient breathwork techniques with modern trauma awareness to prepare individuals for facilitating healing with empathy and expertise. The training is set in a serene environment, enhancing the transformative experience of mastering breathwork and trauma-sensitive facilitation.