4life Transfer Factor Review

4life transfer factor is a supplement that is thought to enhance the immune system and protect against pathogens. It may work by transferring information between cells to help the body recognize, respond to and remember potential threats to its health. Most testimonials and reviews of 4life transfer factor indicate that it may be effective at building the immune system, which is necessary for fighting off disease and promoting overall wellness.

Who is the owner of 4Life?

Most of the transfer factor products are derived from cow or chicken egg yolks that contain small immune messenger molecules known as “transfer factors”. These messenger molecules help teach the body’s immune cells to recognize and attack specific pathogens. These dietary supplements are sold either as capsules or chewable tablets. This Link : mamazillablog.com

The most popular and best-selling product of the 4life brand is transfer factor plus, a powerful immunity booster that combines transfer factor with immune-enhancing ingredients such as maitake and shiitake mushrooms, inositol hexaphosphate, cordyceps sinensis extract, beta sitosterol, olive leaf extract and more. In addition to enhancing immune function, this formula has the ability to promote energy and improve cardiovascular health through increased blood flow.

Research shows that 4life transfer factor may also help prevent or reduce the recurrence of herpes simplex infections (genital and oral) in people with a history of these infections. It may also improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and may help prevent seizures in people with epilepsy.

The company has several other products that provide the benefits of transfer factor, including RioVida, a juice blend featuring the immune-supporting power of transfer factor with the antioxidants of acai, pomegranates, blueberries and elderberries. They also offer a men’s version called MalePro, which combines transfer factor with saw palmetto and lycopene to promote prostate health. Other products include Vista, a formulation designed to promote eye health, and GluCoach, which may improve how the body metabolizes glucose.