Professional Cyber Security Services

Sigma Cyber Security threats require the right tools, expertise and support to ensure the integrity of your information systems. Sigma delivers these security solutions by detecting, tracking and monitoring potential threats to your IT infrastructure 24/7.

Sigma rules offer a standard format for detection rules which allows defenders to share detections that can be easily converted into the native format of their SIEM or log management system. This makes it easier to integrate new detections into existing systems and bridges the cybersecurity skills gap by allowing people with different experiences to collaborate and build stronger detections.

Fortify Your Digital Defenses: Sigma Cyber Security’s Expert Services

As an open-source project, Sigma rules are built on collaboration and transparency. Security engineers can experiment with Sigma rules in a web browser and use a converter to deploy them into their SIEM or log management system. This means that defenders can evolve their detection strategy with confidence and avoid vendor lock-in.

With Sigma, SOC engineers can focus their time and resources on other critical tasks such as threat hunting and threat intelligence analysis. SOC Prime has developed Sigma rules for common detections such as NotPetya ransomware activity and incorporated them alongside its own SIEM-native content. Then, the SOC Prime Team tagged those detections against MITRE ATT&CK and Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain to extract TTP-based behaviors for threat actor attribution.

By using Sigma, SOC Prime can help its clients discover and address security vulnerabilities and keep them safe in a constantly evolving threat environment. Request a free cybersecurity assessment and get started with Sigma today!