OTR Marketing for Construction OTR Tire Dealers

In the business-to-business construction market, tire dealers selling OTR tires are serving fellow industry professionals who are looking to increase productivity and lower their costs. They seek the best performance for their fleets of heavy equipment, and they want good service throughout the life cycle of their OTR tires.

What kind of animal is on the OTR commercial?

When Adelaide designer and OTR Marketing contributor Darren Rudduck began working with Peregrine executive chairman Yasser Shahin on the South Australia-based convenience chain’s logo in 2012, he envisioned a cleaner look that spoke to a more mature brand image. That was just the beginning of a rebranding process that has led to new signage across its 122 stores, a new advertising campaign and even new uniforms for staff.

The OTR business has a lot in common with other convenience retailers, but there are also significant differences. “The biggest challenge is the changing fuel landscape with more fuel-efficient vehicles,” Shahin says. “That’s a big one.” In addition, he points to new tobacco regulations and increasing labor costs in the retail and hospitality industries.

The 2021 OTR tire shortage was challenging, but sales are rebounding into 2022. For that reason, it is important for tire dealers to forecast their customers’ needs and communicate those to their OTR suppliers so that they can provide the correct products when they are needed. According to Tony Cresta, director of product management for CMA/Double Coin, OTR tires are typically subject to long lead times, so it’s important for tire dealers to manage the order flow with their OTR tire manufacturers and make sure they have the right inventory in stock.