Instagram Has Cracked Down on the Instagram Bot Problem

When you’re a business on Instagram, spam bots are your worst nightmare. Instagram bot problem taint your engagement metrics and make it tough to interact with customers who are trying to reach you. Worse yet, some bots are designed to scrape Instagram for data to sell (like user info or comments), and they click on your ads and sponsored posts to skew paid media performance metrics.

Is there a way to remove bots from Instagram?

On the surface, spam bots may seem like a quick fix to grow your Instagram follower count and boost your exposure. However, they aren’t the best way to promote your brand. These automated accounts use scripts to fake likes, followers, messages, and more to inflate engagement metrics and promote products or links. Despite the marketing benefits, using spam bots can be dangerous and may even violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Instagram has taken steps to crack down on the problem. In fact, front end automation services (like those that automatically like, comment, or DM) are now illegal to use on the platform. If you use them, your account could be banned and your users will have a bad experience.

In addition to inflating engagement metrics, some bots are also used to spam Instagram users by submitting random content like adult images and links to dubious websites (usually sex porn sites). This deluge of spam is annoying to real followers and can scare away potential ones. It’s also difficult for businesses to build trust with their audience when they can’t respond to legitimate customer inquiries and concerns.