DeBounce Review – A Review of a Bulk Email Validator

Bulk email address validator verification tools help you ensure that your marketing emails make it through spam filters and into inboxes. However, not all verification tools are the same. Some are more accurate than others and can save you time by removing invalid addresses from your lists. To keep your deliverability high, you should use a bulk email validator to clean your list regularly. This free bulk email validation tool will remove spam traps, catch-alls and disposable emails from your list to avoid damaging your sender reputation.

To start, select the file containing the email addresses you want to verify and click ‘Choose File’. The file can be in CSV, XLSX, TXT or PARQUET format and must contain the email addresses separated by commas or tabs. The application will process the file and check all syntax errors, free and disposable email detection, DNS MX records lookups and a delivery quality score for each address.

Streamlining Verification: Bulk Email Address Validator

Once the email address verification is complete, it will flag any that are duplicates and remove them from the final list. In addition, the app will remove any addresses that are known as spam traps or honeypots (reporting them to ISPs) and weed out IP addresses that have been reported to DNS-based black hole lists or URI DNSBLs.

DeBounce is a popular bulk email validator and provides a variety of other tools to improve email deliverability, such as a real-time verification API and an app that works with Mailerlite, SendGrid, and Mandrill. Its accuracy is top-notch, but it can be pricey compared to competing services that offer a similar feature set at a lower cost.