How To Maintain The Pool In Winter

Pool maintenance is very important during winter. Without emptying the pool, there are several measures that we have to adapt if we want it to be kept in perfect condition and that the water does not deteriorate. Follow our recommendations step by step.

Cleaning the bottom and walls With the filter in circulation, it is necessary to use a brush to clean the walls and bottom of the pool, empty the skimmers of residues that may contain and pass the cleaner. It is also necessary to remove the remains floating in the water to leave it completely clean.

Cover the pool.

We recommend having a system of sheets, blinds, or cover to cover the pool during winter to prevent different elements from falling inside, such as leaves, insects, dust …

Control the state of the water. Keeping the water levels in optimal conditions is also important in winter. The PH of the water must be kept within the correct levels, so it is recommended that the values ​​be between 7.2 and 7.6 every week. If algae appear, which is unlikely in winter, an algaecide must be used to eliminate them.

Turn off the circulation motor.

If we have the pool well covered, we can choose to turn off the pool circulation motor to reduce electricity consumption. Still, once a week, we recommend that we start the motor so that the water circulates and filters. At this time, we can choose super chlorination to purify the water. In this case, be very careful with the chlorine tablets. As the water hardly circulates in winter, a tablet could stay still in the same place for a long time before dissolving, generating irreversible stains on the membrane. To prevent this from happening, remember to position the chlorine tablets inside the skimmers.

Check that the filter is clean.

When the bathing season is over, clean the filter and remove any debris, it contains to ensure that during its timely start-up in the winter months, the filter works correctly.

Add a greenhouse to the water.

Once you have set up your pool for the winter, it is time to take the greenhouse out. This product should be taken twice, once at the beginning of the winter season, and once in January or February.

Prevents water from freezing

Many parts of the pool also require special care at this time of year, such as the pump, filter, and heater. During the winter, these must be periodically checked so that the pools are kept in perfect condition.

It is important to make sure to remove excess water from all these parts since, depending on how low the temperatures can be in the winter, the water should be prevented from freezing and this, in turn, generates a rupture in the pipes, causing a serious problem that will result in repair costs.

 The process ends at 15º

 In the spring months, we must be very alert if the temperature exceeds 15 ºC on average since it is just at this time when we must start the usual treatment in the summertime for the treatment of our pool.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask us about the best maintenance for your pool.