The Real World Andrew Tate Review

the real world andrew tate

The real-world Andrew Tate login Tate is a new training platform that claims to teach members how to make money online. The site offers courses on topics like ecommerce, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency and developing an alpha male mindset. The program also promises to teach followers how to make money through adult webcam modeling.

While these tactics are not overtly illegal, they are ethically questionable and could lead to legal troubles down the road. In addition, they promote ideas that echo dangerously outdated views on gender. For example, Tate often promotes the idea that men should act as a dominant force and subjugate women to their will.

Despite his claim to be an expert on these topics, Tate lacks transparency about his own business ventures and is unclear about the specific skills he touts. In fact, many of his claims rely on boastful anecdotes that fail to provide verifiable details.

Behind the Success: The Real World Strategies by Andrew Tate

Tate has been promoting TRW through his own social media accounts as well as by using affiliate marketers to flood TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube with repurposed video content and his distinctive sign-up link. These affiliates get 48 percent of the sales commission for every person who signs up through their link and pays a subscription to TRW. This affiliate strategy has sparked concern that the site is a pyramid scheme that could be exploiting vulnerable people.